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CSA is a collection of LADSPA plugins mainly dedicated to FM broadcast. Designed by the "Commission Technique Canal B", a group of geeks from a free radio in Rennes France. This project is part of a wider one named COÏT. It's a low cost audio, and high quality link between radio studios and transmitter sites.

Extended Fast LookaheadLimiter

"Extended FastLookahead Limiter" is the first plugin written by the Commission Technique. It's a Lookahead limiter with a 8 band EQ in side chain and a loop back leveler. It may be useful before a FM transmitter. As FM Broadcast signal is emphasized, this limiter should work on high frequencies.

Extended FastLookahead Limiter - High resolution snapshot - Ardour host

Cellular Leveler

This plugin adapts the output mix of studios to the transmission médium. It scans signal with up to 64 cells (time intervals) and adjust it to a reference level. Just behind this plugin, a limiter will end the work.

Cellular Leveler - Hôte Ardour

Blind Peak Meter

With this plugin, blind people can monitor level. Bip sounds give the level of the signal. 4 different bips, for 4 levels. Input is signal, ouput is tone mixed or not with input level. Now blind Poeple can make high quality audio mix in radio studios, self recording, ...

24/16 Binary Overflow Rectifier

A magic way to restore bad recordings. Those recordings have heavy digital saturation noise. This plugin have been developed just because one day live video records sound like this :

With such a noise, audio engeeners told us : "record is for ever lost". Few code lines and hours after, this plugin gave this amazing result :


Sources and documentation downloads :
CSA Downloads

CSA web site project on Sourceforge.net :

Commission Technique Canal B web. CSA is part of the COÏT project (Canal B Over IP Transit). Canal B, a Brittany Local Independent Rock 'n Roll radio experiments a low cost link between its Rennes studios and the FM transmitter in a water tower. Our secret : low cost Computers, free GPL Software under Linux, two DSL Lines, long time listening all sort of audio codecs, and a lot of work...
COÏT Canal B

Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) :

Eclipse, the C/C++ dev environment for the project :

Nice people :
Canal B The radio.
Le jardin Moderne espace musiques actuelles.


This is a Commission Technique Canal B GNU/GPL project.

Canal B - Commission Technique
3 rue Alexandre Lefas,
B.P. 50106
35701 Rennes cedex 7

13 Juin 2012


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